These Are Some Codes That Came From Failure Accessing A Site, You Must Understand It

A good internet connection will have a good impact on the world. Because everything in the world requires an internet connection, so many people need internet connections wherever they are. In fact, for rural areas, they also need internet. For this, internet rural is needed by everyone.

However, usually, when you open a site on the internet, there are some who end up having an error. If you notice there are several different types of errors, such as

1. 404 Not Found
This code appears when you open a site that has been deleted by the owner. However, it could also be because you were wrong to type the address of the site, to make sure, you must do check back at the address of the site you visit.

2. Unable to Connect
When this notification appears, it means that the browser is successful to be able to access the destination site but does not get a response from the site. the trujid possibility is that the site is in trouble or is under repair.