The common factors of a car break down


Cars that already have high flying hours but no attention to the maintenance process, over time will further decrease performance significantly. In the end, whenever you drive, the car may have problems like a strike. But on the other hand, also many things that cause the car broke down. Not only the care that needs to be done, but maintaining cleanliness or any bad habits when you drive can also contribute to the cause of the car broke down. In the meantime, you can also call the towing service Lawton, if you’re looking to get a professional towing service.

The cause of a car breaks down

In this article will discuss the cause of the car strike which will be reviewed more deeply so that you can make as reference materials, let us refer together – the following explanation:

Carburetor Section Is Happening Problem

The carburetor is indeed one of the important components of a car like a car engine components. It is natural for you to do regular maintenance and give attention. The carburetor that is going on the problem can also be the cause of the car broke down.

This applies to cars that are still using carburetor components car only. But the car is not using a carburetor, it means that other components are in trouble. Problems with the carburetor usually involve too little fuel.

As a result, the process that occurs when burning becomes incomplete and subsequent when you are turning on (car starters) is difficult to live. In addition, there are other opportunities that the valve is so dirty that the fuel is difficult to spray into the carburetor.

Well to ensure the condition of the carburetor is still functioning properly or not quite easy. You can learn how carburetor car first or even immediately remove the hose that is connected to the carburetor and put it into the bottle. Continue with the car starters.

If the fuel flow looks smoothly into the bottle, then the problem is not in the carburetor, but on the other side.

Starter Aus Switcher Section

The cause of the subsequent strike car is the starter wearer switcher. Many people who will not think and tend to think trivial this one component. But if the condition is not good, then it could be the cause of it gets broke down or even difficult for the starter.

No doubt that many people underestimate this one part. Switcher is only used when turning on or even turn off the car only. Furthermore, this section is not very influential when driving.

Problems that occur because of this section may be caused by plus-minus part is worn out so it cannot connect well with the electricity. Immediately replace if indeed the condition is bad. Can also because the condition is slightly tenuous due to shocks that occur when driving.

In an emergency, while you are traveling away from the hustle and bustle of activity, then you can connect the plus and minus ya with a pin or wire that has good sharpness. Next, after you find the repair shop immediately repair and provide further handling. Also, read about how to care for the feet of the car.