It’s The Effect that Comes From The Wrong Diet

Many people who do workout to lose weight and build their body muscles. But many people do not know that there are some errors that happen when they go on a diet. For that, you need to find the right type of workout, like the gym or run, these workouts are very effective for you who want to bend your body muscles and lose weight.

From the type of workout that someone can do, there are some other people who are wrong in doing the workout. Please note that errors in doing workout can have a very wrong and bad effect on your body. Some of the effects caused are

– Affects Brain Performance
A diet that is too tight and reduces the intake of carbohydrate with extreme can make the body lack glucose. In fact, glucose is needed by the brain. This can lead to a decrease in cognitive function in the organs who choose the wrong diet under the armpit of the diet. The brain requires 20 percent of your glucose intake per day. Thus, an estimated intake of glucose in the brain is 5.6 mg glucose.
So, if you are on a very low carbohydrate diet. So, the brain will not get enough energy sources. Then, why does the brain desperately need glucose?

– Only Rely on Glucose And Oxygen
Not like the other organs of body cloth that can produce other energy sources, the brain only relies on glucose and oxygen. Unfortunately, the tubes can not produce glucose and only rely on food consumed. When you consume food, glucose is broken down into a simple form. Thereafter, glucose will be absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract, carried into the bloodstream to the liver, brain and other organs. In fact, those who perform extreme low-carbohydrate diets may show worse memory after diet than those with a balanced diet with nutrients. So, do not try a diet that is too tight, if not balanced with the intake of calories, protein, glucose, and carbohydrates are balanced.