Moving Home Without Stress

Moving home is not a trivial matter. Without a mature plan, moving a house can be very troublesome and stressful, especially if you have a lot of stuff to bring to a new place. In addition, improper planning will disrupt your finances. 2 Months Before Day H, start disposing of items that will not be used in new homes. The fewer items that carry, the process of moving will be easier and less costly. Ask yourself, will I need that stuff? If not, donate to a friend or relative who is more in need. 6 Weeks Before Day H, confirm the date of your move, if possible do your move in the middle of the week, not on holidays (including long vacations) that allow you to be stuck in traffic jams or more expensive transportation fees. If you rent a house, make sure the date is to the property owner. Tell some companies about your moves like a bank, internet and phone, and cable TV. If you use the We Like To Move It, Move It!! freight service, use it! Start asking for his contract. If you decide to do it yourself, start looking for rental car prices and ask your friends or relatives. It is better if the goods can be insured.

4 Weeks Before Day H, start collecting old boxes and newspapers. Start removing items in the garage or warehouse. Start wrapping things like books, clothes, and others. 2 Weeks Before Day H, return the loan to friends or neighbors. Change your correspondence delivery address. If needed, find someone who can help take care of your child or pet on day H. Find out about the nearest dining out of your new home to plan dinner. Spend the rest of the food in the freezer, and start tapping items: use large cardboard boxes for light items (this will keep things too heavy to lift), write down the numbers in each box and the storage location. 4 Days Before Day H, plan the best route to carry relocation items, whether to cross a bridge that is too low or cannot pass a truck that is too heavy? Are there any roads under construction? Empty and dilute the ice flower in the freezer. Create a flash kit that contains change of clothes, tissues, cash, important phone numbers, and flashlights. Remind the neighbors that you will move soon, so they can give you space to park your truck. Clean up your kitchen: Wrap the plate in a towel, and make sure all the cleaning fluids are properly sealed to avoid leakage. Finally, separate and save both valuable documents.