The Cause of Sleeve

Huge upper and sagging hands like the bat’s wings are a common problem for women. We who regularly exercise too often still have a large hand. Many say the upper hand is a difficult part to form. Is that right? What exactly causes the sagging upper arm? Well for more information, you can navigate here about articles that contain information about your body health.

Regardless, the sagging upper hand is usually caused by many factors, including:

Look at our family members, usually, if they have big arms, we’ll have the same fate. The same genes usually also determine the level of flexibility of our body.

Rarely trained.
If we rarely train the triceps and biceps, it is not just the sagging muscles we get, but also the fatty deposits of tissue around the muscle.

Weight loss.
When weight drops, fat stacks all over the body are also thinning, including the arms. Reduced fat can cause the skin to look more slack and saggy. If your weight goes up and down, the laxity will get worse.