This is the proper way of jumpstarting a dead car battery

When the ignition is turned on but no reaction occurs, ignition does not take place, the indicator light on the panel does not move up, or there is no movement. Conditions like that indicate, the possibility of your car battery dead. Yes, all cars have batteries. Well, the battery in your car has the ability to recharge itself from a machine-driven alternator. Meanwhile, don’t forget to also use the best jump starter that you can buy, so it’d be easier for you to bring your battery back to life.

Here are the tips for recharging your car battery. This technique is often known as a Jumpstart car. Some things must be prepared. Among them: jumper cable, wire brush, rubber gloves, and glasses. It’s good that the equipment is always available in the car. So when the car in an emergency you can directly use it.

Before you jump start, you must make sure whether the battery that causes your car will not live. Many causes that trigger car engines do not want to live. To ensure this, try turning on the car device powered by the battery. For example wipers, headlights and audio devices contained in the car. If none of these devices can be turned on, it indicates that your vehicle battery is really problematic.

Do a water check first. The battery that runs out of the water then jumper will be more damaged. Make sure the battery is not leaking. Next jump start can be implemented. In order to jump-start, you need a donor car. Position the donor car with your car to keep the two batteries close together. Next, you can connect the jumper cable. The red-colored cable is connected to the terminal of the positively charged battery, and the black wire is connected to the negatively charged battery terminal.

The negative and positive cover can be ascertained by looking at the marks listed on the battery terminal. If the mark is not visible, clean the two terminals. When the cable is connected, usually a spark will come out. Quiet! That’s normal. Sparks like that that require you to wear protective glasses.