Six-pack Within 1 Month, Is It Possible?

Having a six-pack stomach is a dream of many men. With a six-pack body, then men will look more athletic, the health of the body becomes more awake and certainly can increase confidence. If it is done correctly and earnestly, you will certainly produce results of Six-pack Abdominal Muscles. The time to form a six-pack stomach depends on the condition of your stomach. If your stomach is not bloated alias flat, then to form a six-pack does not require a long time, within 1 month you can form it if really. To form a six-pack stomach required a process of training and hard work.

There are 3 important things that must be done to successfully form a six-pack stomach, among others:
First, consistently do the exercises
Second, keep the diet
And the last is measure it all through bodybuilding app

There are various exercises to form a six-pack stomach. Most importantly, do it regularly, do not be over, if too excessive then your abdominal muscle can actually be injured. Here are the various steps and tips to form a six-pack stomach!

1. Plank
Body position like pushup
Body weight on both hands (from elbow to palm)
Straighten your legs back
Contract the abdominal muscles
Do it for 30 seconds

2. Mountain Climber
Position body similar to Push-up movement
Place your palms on the floor
Bend your right foot forward
Straighten your left leg back
Quickly swap the position of the right foot and left foot so that the left leg is bent forward while the right leg straight back
Do this for 30 seconds

3. Bicycle Crunch
Lie on your back with a straight line
Hands behind the head
Both feet lifted slightly upward
The left and right legs are bent alternately like a bicycle pedal
Lift a little head and upper body parts
Elbow right hand is directed to the left knee in turn
Do it for 30 seconds

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