How to Choose Frozen Foods?

Perhaps what pops into your mind right now, how do you know how to freeze, ship and store frozen products sold in supermarkets? It takes too much time and energy to invest in hundreds of product choices. Well to get quality frozen food, now you can easily get it at Apart from that, here’s a trick to selecting good frozen food at the supermarket!

See the wrapper. Do not buy frozen food with translucent packaging. Indeed from the eyes of consumers, more comfortable because we can see the contents and conditions. But that means damaging ultraviolet light, can penetrate into the food. When buying frozen fruit, grab it wrapped in a non-transparent plastic or in a carton box. It is recommended because the preservation is longer and the fruit is not contaminated or decomposed with any light.

Take the food in the lowest pile. It is because, like ultraviolet light, any light (even from lights) can damage the frozen product itself. Therefore, it is not advisable to take products that are exposed to the lamp.

Prove from experience. If used and never disappointed with a particular brand, yes choose the brand. To test new products, you should try and see for yourself the freshness of the fruit, for example when buying peas, you can check the green color or durability (easily destroyed or not when boiled).

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