How Easy It Can You Use As The First Step In Disposing Ants

The presence of ants in the house would disturb our comfort as residents of the house. When there is spilled food, easily ants are usually able to reach out and come in large numbers. We as residents of the house should be more leverage in caring for our house so there are not many ants. If in your house a lot of ants and the numbers are very numerous and difficult to handle alone, you can use the services of ant control to make your home free from the presence of these ants.

However, you also need to know a few ways that you can use to drive out the ants. Some of these ways are only as first aid if the number of ants in your house is too much and can not wait for ant control to come.
Some of these ways are,

• Lemon juice. Citrus lemon containing citric acid is able to repel ants that do not like the aroma. You can use the water from the lemon solution as a very large ant sprayer in your house.
• Salt. The salt mixed with hot water is, in fact, an amuser bus that roams around your house.

• Powder. You can sprinkle powder in every corner of the house where there are many ants in it. Ants basically hate all kinds of flour. Baby powder that has a flour-like texture will make ants move away and stay away. Especially since the powder has a very strong aroma.

• Vinegar. You can spray vinegar in every place where there are ants. This is because acidic vinegar is able to disturb vision and make the body of ants feel painful.

• Create Lines. In fact, ants will not come out of the line we make using any chalk. Uniquely, the special chalk insect repellent that we know this, it was the same with ordinary lime.

• Water soap solution. Soap dissolved in the water was very hated by ants. This is because soap can break down the waxy coating on the exoskeleton of ants and make the body dehydrated and die slowly.

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