Caring chinchillas at your home!

If you decide to own a chinchilla, or even you have become a happy owner of this cute animal, then you need to know the basic rules for rodent care in your home. Under normal conditions, Chinchillas can live at home for twenty years. To get chinchilla food, you can get it at Therefore, to find out more about chinchilla, here’s a review of the chinchilla you must know!

1. Stables for Chinchillas
Chinchilla animals fall in love with the big room, so he will need a very large cage. Night animals such as chinchilla are active and restless animals at night but in the morning chinchillas just fall asleep sweetly.

2. Chinchilla Food
Chinchilla food is a plant. However, it would be better to feed a specially balanced diet. In addition, chinchillas also require clean drinking water.

3. Temperature conditions for Chinchilla
Chinchillas live in nature in cold climates. Then they do not tolerate the heat. If you want your animal to be comfortable at home, then you have to set the air conditioner. Animals can die in a very short time if the temperature inside the house will rise above 28 degrees. The optimal level for the animal’s comfortable existence is 18 to 23 degrees (no lower than 14-15 degrees). Chinchilla does not like being in the sun, it’s fatal for Chinchilla.

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